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JetAudio v8.0.11.1600 Plus VX ÍÕ¡·Ò§àÅ×Í¡¢Í§¹Ñ¡´Ù˹ѧ ¿Ñ§à¾Å§ HD àÊÕ§ãÊ ÀÒ¾¤Á** By: playnewstop Date: ѹҤ 29, 2010, 12:25:57 AM

Cowon JetAudio v8.0.11.1600 Plus VX

* Retail Version â´Â FOSI ¤ÃѺ *

jetAudio is integrated multimedia software composed of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, but it also has other features such as CD burning, recording, conversion to other file formats, and so on. In addition to these features, you have the ability to create your own Internet broadcasting by using JetCast, which is provided with JetAudio. Play all major file formats and discs, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD. Convert among audio file formats, and record analog audio to various formats. The program features Internet broadcasting with JetCast; visualization plug-ins, including Sound2Vision; tag editing for MP3, OGG, and WMA; various sound effects including wide, reverb, and x-bass; multichannel sound output; speed control of audio playback; crossfading for smooth transition between two songs; a skinnable user interface; synchronized lyrics display (karaoke) for MIDI and MP3 files; and subtitles.

• Supports All Major File Formats, Video Conversion, Audio CD burning, Recording, Tag Editing, Multi-channel sound ouput, Crossfade, Skin, Subtitles, Internet CD Database, Convenient album management & Playlist, Utilities, Remote Controller, Media Center Window, Audio Conversion, Audio CD Ripping, Internet Broadcasting, Various sound effects, Speed Control, Resume, Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke), Alarm & Timer, Equalizer, Superb Crystal-Clear Sound, Toolbar mode

New in jetAudio 8.0:
* New video window display modes:
   - Show always / Show only when playing / Attached
* Album art / Spectrum display in Video window when playing music
* Spectrum display in Lyric window
* New file association method for Windows Vista/7
* Supports subtitle with DXVA decoding
* Enhanced skins
* Supports FLV/MKV formats for video conversion
* Added General Presets for video conversion
* Shows <My Computer> in Playlist window
* Fixed many bugs/suggestions posted in our forum (thanks to the postings)
- Multi-sort in Playlist window
   - Enhanced context menus of Playlist/Video window
   - Added DVD Pal/NTSC for video conversion
   - Supports Crossfade for mono
   - Fixed video window resizing for EVR
   - Fixed WAV playback (GSM codec)
   - Fixed OSD (Music) opacity
   - Transparent spectrum background in Media Center (set SpectrumColor_Back / SpectrumColor_Dot as -1)
   - All Default skin sources included (only jsc files)

[Tip when using remote controller]

(for MCE remote controller)
• GUIDE button : Display Navigator window
• MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window
• MORE button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback)
• BACK button : Refresh (Navigator)
• RECORDED TV button : Switch to File Mode
• DVD MENU button : Switch to Disc Mode (when stopped) or display DVD menu screen (while playing DVD)
• CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist
• LIVE TV button : Change subtitle (DVD playback)

(for Streamzap remote controller)
• MENU button : Display Navigator window
• MUTE button : Delete a file in Navigator window
• RED button : Sort files (Navigator) or change audio (DVD playback)
• GREEN button : Refresh (Navigator) or change subtitle (DVD playback)
• YELLOW button : Switch to File Mode
• BLUE button : Play disc (when stopped) or display menu (DVD playback)
• CH +/- button : Switch to next/previous album/playlist

Changes in jetAudio 8.0.11 (Dec 23, 2010):
* Support COWON D3 for video conversion
* Update OGG vorbis engine to latest version
* Fixed crash while capturing video when using EVR
* Fixed video problem when converting to MKV/MP4 format
* Fixed aspect ratio for some video files
* Fixed other minor bugs

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