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cFosSpeed V6.10 - àÃè§à¹çµãËéáçÀÒÂã¹ 5 ÇÔ¹Ò·Õ àÅè¹Å×è¹ äÁèËÅØ´ äÁèµÔ´¢Ñ´ *HOT* By: playnewstop Date: ѹҤ 30, 2010, 09:07:18 PM

cFosSpeed V6.10-AgentX | 8MB

cFosSpeed increases your throughput and reduces your Ping.

Whenever you access the Internet with more than one data stream cFosSpeed can optimize the traffic.

* Improve your Ping for online games
* Keep your internet fast during heavy upload/download
* NEW: Improve mobile Internet
* Reduce audio/video streaming problems
* Improve VoIP speech quality


# cFosSpeed prevents one application (e.g. sending email) from choking all others, like telephone calls, chat, etc.
# cFosSpeed keeps your ping times low, so you can play online games and download files simultaneously.
# All important data packets are automatically prioritized over unimportant ones. With the cFosSpeed program and protocol prioritization you can configure your applications ideally and/or add new Programs.
# Real-time analysis of your data: With the new status window you can easily recognize which data streams you are currently transfering.
# cFosSpeed runs with DSL, Cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN, broadband mobile (2G / 3G).


-Install with the cfosspeed-v610.exe (or cfosspeed-x64-v610.exe)

-Use Trial Reset.exe to reset the trial when its about to expire

-Keep seeding

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Re: cFosSpeed V6.10 - àÃè§à¹çµãËéáçÀÒÂã¹ 5 ÇÔ¹Ò·Õ àÅè¹Å×è¹ äÁèËÅØ´ äÁèµÔ´¢Ñ´ *HOT* By: Timty Date: ѹҤ 31, 2010, 12:16:04 PM
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