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cFosSpeed 6.11 - àÃè§à¹çµãËéáçÀÒÂã¹ 5ÇÔ¹Ò·Õ àÅè¹Å×è¹ äÁèËÅØ´ äÁèµÔ´¢Ñ´ *ÅèÒÊØ´* By: playnewstop Date: Ҥ 01, 2011, 07:12:02 AM
cFosSpeed 6.11 build 1795 beta (x86/64) | 9.06Mb

cFosSpeed - a utility that optimizes data transfer by prioritizing traffic (Traffic Shaping). Technology cFos Traffic-Shaping, recognizing the important types of bags and placing them in accordance with the priorities, not only smooths the Internet traffic, but also provides a low-ping. This not only accelerates surfing and download speed increases, but also offers advantages in online gaming.

CFosSpeed works with the following technologies: DSL, Cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN, mobile broadband (2G/3G).

cFos Traffic Shaping arranges data by priority in the order that important packets are always earlier than usual. Thus, the evidence always come on time, and the transfer will never clog your connection!

CFosSpeed key features :
?Traffic Shaping for existing connections, broadband, and no
?Traffic Shaping for routers and / or cable / DSL-Modem
"Configurable installer with branding
"Configurable status window with skins support
"RTP / VoIP Detection
"Limitation of traffic, speed limits
"Excursions in Istanbul configurable priority
"Prioritization of Programs
"Firewall (Firewall)
"Improves your Ping for online gaming
"It supports the Internet quickly during heavy loading / unloading
"NEW: Improves Mobile Internet
"Reduces the problems with the audio / video Internet streams
"It improves voice quality in programs using VoIP

Highlights :
?CFosSpeed prevents one application (eg email) to score all the others, such as telephone calls, chat, etc.
?CFosSpeed supports your ping fast, so you can play online games and download files simultaneously.
"All the important data packets are automatically given higher priority over unimportant. With this program, CFosSpeed and its Protocol of priorities you will be able to customize their applications ideal and / or adding new programs.
"Analyzing your data in real time: With the new status window you can easily recognize which data streams you currently pass.

cFosSpeed popular software product for fans of online gaming, peer to peer networks and consumer audio and video streaming.

cFosSpeed can itself be calibrated depending on the connection. Usually, the best results can be achieved after several days of using the program, which can load the incoming and outgoing bandwidth at full speed.

Changes :
+ Added delay_auto setting, true by default. If set, it will automatically
set rx_delay and rx_width to sensible values. If you want your own values
in rx_delay and rx_width, you just assign some value to them or switch off
delay_auto. This is still work in progress where the assignment might
change in the future.

x Setting msslimit to 536 with medium PPPoE had no effect. Fixed.

x Improved rx-shaping.

x Removed the additional up to four pings per second; it's again sending only 2
pings per second.


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