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WinApp | Scramby | 37.2 MB
Scramby FunVocoder is a pre-defined voice effects allow you to modify your voice. Scramby gives you all kinds of ways to keep your friends laughing. It's specialized, pre-defined voice effects allow you to modify your voice to sound like a robot, for example, or even Darth Vader. Women can become men. Men can become women. With Scramby, you can instantly add background noises, wind, comedy sounds, applause and other entertaining audio snippets into the audio stream while you're playing or telephoning online ? and create one laugh after another. Scramby's VST effects come from the field of professional studio musicians.

Scramby comes with a comprehensive collection of almost 40 ready-to-use voice effects and numerous background noises that can be supplemented with an unlimited number of sounds you import or create yourself. And with the Scramby Voice Effect Editor, you can use the VST effects already provided to create your own voice effects and fun sounds. In all, Scramby comes with over 130 fun sounds!

Here are some key features of "Scramby":

? Vocoder for voice modification during telephone conversations using a VoIP software telephone
? Integrated media library with 10 VST plug-ins, 40 voice effects, various background noises and 130 fun sounds
? Import function for audio files in WAV format
? Editor for personalized voice effects and fun sounds
? Import function for VST effects in DLL format
? Volume control for effects and sounds
? Configurable keyboard shortcuts that make Scramby functions quickly accessible in online games
? Intuitive, multilingual user interface


? PC 1,5 GHz, 256 MB RAM
? Sound card
? Headset / microphone
? VoIP software telephone or online games with Teamspeak / Teamspeek


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