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Movie Tag Editor 2013 AIO Portable By: so131086 Date: มีนาคม 06, 2013, 08:55:47 PM

Movie Tag Editor 2013 AIO Portable | 141 Mb
Movie Tag Editor AIO - software package for editing tags in most popular video formats. I hope will be useful to editors and ordinary users.

The program MkvToMp4, helping fast recompress mkv to mp4 (m4v) in compliance with all conditions for successful synchronization. C program you can convert audio files to AAC format using QuickTime AAC, as well as prescribe the necessary tags for audio and video files. Also, the option is present video transcoding, which can not repack.
The processors in the devices, Apple 4th and 5th generation able to decode the video codec H.264, resolution up to 1280x720, 30 frames / s with the highest encoding settings. This allows you to watch any or AVC HDRip BDRip 720p codec H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard (x264, QuickTime, and etc) without any additional coding to fit iPad, iPhone 4, ATV2. (When re-encoding is always a loss of quality and also takes a long time.)
Since the Apple devices do not support the common format (container) MKV, and it understands only the native formats of MP4, M4V, MOV, but also these formats are designed to work with the codec H.264, all you need to do is change the MKV container at the MP4 (M4V). This program does.

MetaX - tegger to MP4, M4V and MOV files. You can find both on Amazon and tagChimp, and on IMDB and Yahoo posters (posters) for the film, and then enter this information into a file so that it appears in iTunes, on the Front Row from Apple or the Apple TV.
MetaX is a Windows movie tagging program for MP4, M4V and MOV files. You can search both Amazon and tagChimp, as well as IMDB and Yahoo posters for information and then write that information into the file so that it is displayed in iTunes, on Apple's Front Row or on an Apple TV.
Get Movie Info Automatically
MetaX will read any metadata information that is in the file, but it also makes it easy to search for information on the Internet. It will automatically search Amazon (and you can set which country's Amazon site to use) and tagChimp (a great source of information. To donate click below) to retrieve information on a movie. You can also bring up IMDB for additional information, as well as Barnes & Noble for chapter information, and Yahoo Posters for cover art. You can also use your own cover art.
Archive & Presets
When you want to tag a number of episodes of a TV series (or any set of files that share a lot of the same information) you can use the Preset facility. Just tag one of the episodes with the common information, then save this as a Preset. Then select the rest of the episodes and apply the Preset you just created. Now all you have to do is fill in any unique information and you're done.


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