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LSR Audio WARMultipress VST v0.3.0 beta x86 x64 ´ÙÀÒ¾´éҹ㹡è͹µÑ´ÊԹ㨠By: QDpro Date: ѹ¹ 06, 2013, 12:59:04 PM

LSR Audio WARMultipress VST v0.3.0 beta x86 x64

 :095:WARmultipress is a tube multiband compressor plugin for VST, RTAS and AU hosts on Mac and Windows.

 3 bands, with adjustable cross-over frequencies
 Input gain and output gain for each band compressor
 Optional soft knee compression curve
 Adjustable tube gain, from subtle warming to hot overdrive
 Frequency dependant drive
 Adjustable shape control to add asymmetry and harmonics
 Optional reel to reel tape emulation
 Mono and stereo
 Multifunction display zone (real time, compression curves and drive curves)
 Solo on each band

Tube - Hot and loud

WARMultipress has a hot tube in it's core. It gives you the famous analog non-linearity that creates a warm and rich sound.

 The amout of drive depends on the frequency, with higher frequencies more driven than the lower ones.

Reel to reel magic

WARMultipress reproduces the unique subtle sound coloration of audio tapes that makes your digital music more natural and punchy.

WARMultipress mimics the classic Ampex® ATR 102 ( 15 IPS ) frequency response

Compression - Control the dynamics

Bass, middle and treble frequencies can be compressed independently. So a heavy drums kick compression won't affect your guitar or cymbals level for example.

 Each band compressor has an adjustable input and output gain.

It features traditional compression parameters:

Attack time: the time it takes to reach the maximum gain reduction level
 Release time: the time needed to reduce gain reduction to 0 when it's no more required
 Threshold: minimum level of input signal (after Pre gain stage) needed to activate gain reduction
 Ratio: amount of gain reduction applied to the output signal, from 0% (off) to 100% (full on), when input exceeds the Threshold

Frequency separation - Transparent 3 band split

The 3 band splitter preserves all the caracteristics of the original signal. With 0dB Pre and Post gain and no gain reduction, the signal after compression stage is exactly equal to the input.


 - Next open the rar file by double clicking it. If you can't open it you need to get an archiver which supports rar files such as Winrar and extract.

 - Copy required files from x86/x64 Folder and place to your VSTPlugins folder.



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