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System Mechanic Free is a complete suite of powerful system repair and maintenance tools. The 7 core tools included in System Mechanic Free are designed to boost speed, fix problems, and instantly improve PC performance.
Using the same award-winning technology and user-friendly design that makes the full version of System Mechanic the expert?s choice and the #1-bestselling software in its class, System Mechanic Free empowers people of all skill levels to keep their computer running at peak performance.
The 7 core tools in System Mechanic Free are:
Registry Tuner: The most effective tool of its kind, Registry Tuner uses regularly updated research to safely repair registry errors and stabilize Windows computers
Startup Optimizer: Eliminates the top 25 most common startup bottlenecks in order to noticeably speed up Windows start time
Memory Mechanic: Reclaims more RAM memory for an instant performance boost
PC Cleanup: Cleans up system-clogging junk files and clutter
Drive Accelerator: Defragments hard drives to improve drive speed and performance
Shortcut Repair: Reconnects broken icons and shortcuts
Internet Connection Repair: Heals broken internet connections to get PCs back online
iolo technologies believes no one should unnecessarily experience the stress, lost time, and financial burden that can be caused by a poorly-performing PC?and System Mechanic Free provides the basic tools necessary to ensure Windows computers remain stable and optimized for the entire lifespan of the investment. Now, you can use the same research-driven tune-up tools and features that are trusted and recommended by millions of computer users worldwide to fix and speed up your home PC.
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