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Envelope Printer Portable 1.7.0 â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¾ÔÁ¾ì«Í§¨´ËÁÒ By: maining53 Date: Ȩԡ¹ 21, 2014, 12:31:10 PM
Envelope Printer Portable 1.7.0  â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¾ÔÁ¾ì«Í§¨´ËÁÒÂ

A free app to simplify printing your envelopes. Save and store addresses and even add an image. Installer version also available. - Envelope Printer is a program Shane made for himself and decided to put it on for free and available for everyone.
Each month when I have to pay bills I hate having to write out the envelopes (I am not lazy, my hand actually hurts when I handwrite). So I wanted to be able to print them out as I need them and have the addresses I choose. While I could have custom ordered envelopes I decided why not just print out my own and save money from having to order custom ones?
So I made - Envelope Printer. Not only will it save and store all the addresses you want but it can even print out a picture along side your return address for a added personal touch to the envelopes. In this case my company logo.
So now when I pay bills and need an envelope I put an envelope in my printer, then open the program, load the address and hit print.
While I could have used MS Office Word and other 3rd party programs to print out envelopes, I wanted something that was far easier to use and that required a heck of a lot less mouse clicks to get the job done. The program remembers your settings, so once all ready to go you can open the program, open the address book, choose the address hit use this address and the click print. 4 mouse clicks and you are done :-) - Envelope Printer Portable 1.7.0 - Envelope Printer 1.7.0
Download-Envelope Printer Portable 1.7.0
Download-Envelope Printer 1.7.0

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