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Nero 11 Platinum + Serials [Full][¡Ø­á¨] [MediaFire] By: free2009 Date: Ȩԡ¹ 03, 2011, 05:46:19 PM

Nero Platinum 11 (µéͧŧâ»Ãá¡ÃÁ Adobe Flash Player 11 ´éǹФÃѺ äÁèàªè¹¹Ñ鹨РInstall Programe äÁèä´é )

ãÊè S/N ÍÂÙèã¹ Control Center


Blu-ray Disc playback
Bring the cinema home.

Play back your favorite Blu-ray Disc movies and home videos burned to Blu-ray Disc in razor-sharp clarity with cinema
quality DTS and Dolby Digital Surround right on your PC.

Wi-Fi and USB Sync

Ultimate syncing for Android? Smartphones and tablets.

Nero Kwik Mobile Sync lets you wirelessly or USB sync music , photos , and videos between your PC and Android devices.
Optimize your content on the fly with just one click and you can start enjoying anything from your favorite iTunes
playlists to downloaded movies. Hassle-free automatic device detection lets you choose from a huge list of compatible
devices to which you can move music , photos and videos.

Integrated Nero MediaBrowser

One-stop access from media library to your project.

The all-new Nero MediaBrowser gives you a jump start on projects. From most projects you can access your library of
music , photos and videos with just one click. Drag-and-drop photos , videos or music files from Nero Kwik Media library
into your project for a seamless integrated experience.
Convert DVD-Video* and video files

Multiple video files—no problem.

From videos on your mobile phone to DVD movies , every device seems to require a different playback format. Nero 11
provides advanced video transcoding that converts virtually any DVD-Video or video file to any video format for playback
on any device so you can seamlessly watch your favorite videos anywhere or any place.

* Non-copy protected DVD-Video

System Requirements

Minimum system requirements for Nero 11 Platinum

Windows? XP SP3 (32-bit) , Windows Vista? SP1 or later (32 and 64-bit) , Windows? 7 Home Premium , Professional or Ultimate (32 and 64-bit)
2 GHz AMD or Intel? processor , 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM for Windows Vista? or Windows? 7)
For Blu-ray Disc Playback and HD Video Editing: Processor Intel? Core? II Duo 2.2 GHz , AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.6GHz or above , 2 GB RAM
5 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components (including templates , content and temporary disk space)
Microsoft? DirectX? 9.0 compliant graphics card with 3D acceleration , 16-bit color , and a minimum of 128 MB video memory is required
(32-bit , true color , 256 MB dedicated video RAM , and support for Shader Model 3.0 is recommended)
For Blu-ray Disc Playback: Graphics Card NVIDIA 8600 and above , ATI Radeon HD 3800 and above , Intel G45 (Windows Vista/Windows 7)
Minimum 512 MB VRAM , HDCP compliant display for digital connection
DVD disc drive for installation and playback , Blu-ray Disc capable drive for BD playback
CD , DVD , or Blu-ray Disc recordable or rewritable drive for burning and video authoring
Windows Media? Player 9
Third party components such as Microsoft Windows? Installer 4.5 , Microsoft .NET? 4 , Microsoft? DirectX? or Adobe Flash are shipped with
the product or automated download if not included in the package
For some services and the use of BD-LIVE features an Internet connection is required (DSL-1000 and higher recommended). Internet connection
charges are the user s responsibility
For further requirements please check


On 64-bit operating systems , applications run in 32-bit emulation mode
The devices must be correctly installed and recognized by the operating system for the product to work properly
Installation of the latest WHQL certified device drivers is strongly recommended
Easy and Advanced Video Editing Modes

Go from Easy to Advanced with a click.

Get amazing creative results no matter what level of video editing experience you have. Easily switch from Express
Editing Storyboard to advanced multi-track editing with just one click , and seamlessly hand over the same project within
the same window. Go from quick and easy template effects to multi-track editing , keyframe controls within the same video
editing screen , amazing Picture-in-Picture effect overlay templates and more. Ramped up to give you the best output , your
home video projects will impress your friends and family like never before.
Nero LIVEBackup

24-7 Peace-of-mind backup.

Take the hassles out of backing up with one-click Nero LIVEBackup for all your digital files and even your entire system.
You can still choose manual backup , but only Nero LIVEBackup gives you continuous true peace of mind anytime , all the
Burn long lasting discs

Create discs that last and last.

Expect nothing less than the best with the experts who started burning. Exclusive Nero SecurDisc 3.0 with Surface Scan

helps ensure disc readability regardless of scratches , age and deterioration so your content remains intact for a long
Ripping of DVDs

DVD-Videos ripped with just a click.
Special / Minimum requirements for video editing and authoring

OHCI compliant FireWire? controller (IEEE? 1394) for DV or HDV? capturing
TV tuner or video capture card for analog and digital video recording
Up to 50 GB hard drive space for disk images and temporary files
For support of NVIDIA? CUDA? , AMD App Acceleration or Intel? Media SDK technologies a capable graphics card must be
installed and a minimum of 256 MB video memory is required.

Special / Minimum requirements for backup

Broadband Internet access is required for backups to Nero Online Backup

Special / Minimum requirements for LightScribe and Labelflash?

LightScribe compatible recorder and medium.
LightScribe host software must be installed.
Labelflash? compatible recorder and medium.

Supported media for burning

Supported disc formats

Blu-ray data disc (ISO , UDF)
SecurDisc CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc
Nero DiscSpan (UDF)
Audio CD
Mixed Mode CD
Nero Image (NRG)
CUE-Image [Import only]
ISO Image
Video CD
Super Video CD
DVD-VR [Import only]
AVCHD? video
BDMV video
BDAV [Import only]
Supported audio formats and codecs?

Advanced Audio Coding elementary stream (AAC) - not ripping
Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF , AIF)
Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDA) - not encoding
Dolby? Digital (AC3)
Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 (MP3 / mp3PRO )
MPEG-4 Audio (MP4 , M4A)
Ogg Vorbis (OGG , OGM , OGA)
PCM WAV file , ADPCM Wav file (WAV , WAVE)
Windows Media? Audio (WMA)
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
MPEG Audio (MP2 , MP2A , MPA , MPA2 , M2A)
Monkey’s audio (APE)
Matroska audio (MKA)
Supported video formats and codecs?

Advanced Streaming Format (ASF)
Audio Video Interleave (AVI , NVAVI)
Digital Video (DV , DVSD)
QuickTime? Movie (MOV)
DVD Video Object (VOB)
MPEG Video (MPG , MPEG , MPE , M1V , M2P , M2V , MOD , MP2V)
MPEG-2 Transport Stream Files (M2TS , M2T , MTS , TS , TOD , TRP)
MPEG-4 Video (MP4 , DIVX)
Windows Media? Video (WMV)
Flash Video (FLV)
Matroska Video (MKV)
Microsoft Vista TV Recording (DVR-MS)
Video CD Movie (DAT)
AVC Blu-ray Disc Video Format (BSF)
Third Generation Partnership Project Movie (3GP)
DVD Movie Info (IFO)
Motion JPEG Video (MJEPG)
MicroMV Video (MMV)
Windows 7 Media Center TV Format (WTV)
Supported image formats

?Bitmap (BMP)
Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB)
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
Icon Image File (ICO)
JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF)
Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG , JPG , JPE)
Picture Exchange (PCX)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Portable Pixel Map (PPM)
Targa Image File (TGA)
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF , TIF)
Windows Metafile Format (WMF)
Portable Bitmap (PBM)
Supported formats for playlists

Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator/MP3 URL (M3U)
Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator/MP3 URL + UTF-8 (M3U8)
Playlists File Format (PLS)
Windows Media Player Playlists (WPL)
iTunes Playlists

Move your movies from DVDs straight to your PC with one-click ripping. Put all your DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies* into one
Media Library by ripping to your PC. Advanced settings let you rip exactly what you want—strip out unwanted sections , foreign
languages , extras and more.

* Non-copy protected DVD-Video

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