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Flip Album 2.0 - ¹ÓÀÒ¾¤ÇÒÁ»ÃзѺ㨠ÁÒÊÃéÒ§à»ç¹ÍÑźÑéÁÊØ´¾ÔàÈÉ â¤ÃµÊÇ µÑÇàµçÁ<<< By: playnewstop Date: ѹҤ 20, 2011, 10:03:55 PM
Flip Album 2.0 | 15.7 MB

Flip Album is an image to flash page flipping albums conveter software that enables you to create stunning online photo albums from your photo collections. The output can be exported to standalone EXE file, CD\DVD, Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) or published to the web in flash format. Flip Album also provides all-in-one photo editing and publish solution that allows to to organize your images into albums, view, edit, annotate and much more...

Turns your image gallery into a full-screen dynamic gallery. With Flip Album, you can publish page flips and photo galleries.

Create unique flipping flash album, e-book and e-magzine by mouse clicks
Customize photos with editing functions like effects, masks, frames and more
Make online flash flip photo album with the real page turning effect.
Convert photos into a 3D realistic page-flipping music album in seconds.
Customizing the Look and Feel of Your photo gallery theme.
Unlimited photo to page-flip ebook conversion without paying royalties!

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English
+3% Recovery record
By WyVernOrm

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