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WebSmartzBannerDesignerPro5.1 â»Ãá¡ÃÁÍ͡Ẻµ¡áµè§ Banner ËÃ×Í Intro Flash By: maining53 Date: áҤ 22, 2013, 07:26:43 PM
WebSmartz Banner Designer Pro 5.1 Datecode 21.07.2013

WebSmartz Banner Designer Pro 5.1 Datecode 21.07.2013
Banner Designer Pro, one of the most capable banner creator software exceptionally designs beautiful banners with the help of various effective and powerful features embed in it. Even intensive Flash banners can be created via this tool by anyone since one does not need to be an expert in flash programming to use this tool. Simple interface and diverse elements in the flash banner software help one create attractive banners in no time. Along with this, users get the flexibility of getting the output in any format of their preference such as HTML, GIF, JPEG, SWF, etc.
Banner Rotator
With the help of the banner rotator functionality, multiple banners are displayed in a particular pattern on a web-page. You can easily mention the URL of your choice where you wish the viewer to be redirected when a particular image is clicked by him. The user can retrieve the javascript code that has been created by the banner ad rotator.
Character mapping and Arc text
This banner maker software gives its user the power to give a curved effect to any text. This can be done with the help of the Arc text feature available in the software. With Character map, you can view the characters for a font available and subsequently insert them in the banner that you are creating.
Library to choose backgrounds of your choice
Whether it is static or animated background that you want to use, there is a huge variety that you can get in the tool. Over 350 static backgrounds are available that have been classified under 18 banner sizes. Apart from this, more than 50 animated banners backgrounds can be applied on almost any banner, no matter what its size is.
Add images with 'Fill with Image' feature
In any selected object, you can add image of your choice with the 'Fill with Image' feature. Along with the image, you can fill symbol, text and shape as well. It is according to the shape of the selected object that the image will appear masked into.
Shapes for background
With Banner Designer Pro, you can use any shape for the background such as Round Rectangle, Ellipse, Diamond, Hexagon, Rectangle, Octagon, Star and Semi circle.
To get effects such as Invert, Grey Scale, Water, Edge and Sharpen to be applied on shape, text, images or symbol, the Filters option has been provided.
Emboss and blur effects
While customizing your banner, you can infuse emboss and blur effects. These can be easily applied upon shapes, text, symbols and images.
Options like Select All, Group and Ungroup available
A new feature, Select All has been added to the software, which means you can select all of the objects that have been added to canvas. In order to move two or more objects together and then apply effects on them at the same time, you can access the group and ungroup tool.
Color picker
You can pick any color from any object that is present on screen and then apply it on objects on the banner with the help of Color Picker tool.
Upload Banner on File Transfer Protocol Sites
Banner Designer Pro allows you to upload your banner to various file transfer protocol sites. By entering details of the FTP site, using them again is also possible.
Multiple canvases
A user can open multiple banners in different tabs with this feature. It means it is not just one but many banner projects that a user can work upon at the same time.
Multiple Color Pallets
Banner Designer Pro now offers multiple palettes of colors with basic RGB type such as Primary, Pastels, Metallic and more.
Ready-made Overlays
Appearing as special animates objects on the banner, overlays can be used by users that are pre-created animations designed by industry experts.
Save your design as Template
You can save your beautiful designs for future use as template. When you save your patterns as template, they gets stored in the library. This surely makes it easy for you tol access and use your creations, later.
Send your designs as attachments
You can send your banner design to others via email as attachments in case if you wish to share it.
Flip your banner elements
With the flipping technique in the Banner Designer Pro, you can either flip your banner elements vertical or horizontal. You can flip on text, shape, image or symbol. If you wish to create some unique designs, you can use the flipping technique innovatively.
Measurement of banner with Ruler
Use Ruler for measuring your banner and other elements. You can move the ruler to the work area, as this makes the measurement even more precise and easy.
Outline various Banner elements
The new version of the software, Banner Designer Pro now offers you to outline symbols, shapes, images and text. Even customization of outline properties can be easily done.
Tips on Using the software
With the help provided, you will find it easier in using the Banner maker software. With the given tips, creating attractive banners in no time will become possible.
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