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ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro â»Ãá¡ÃÁªèÇÂà¾ÔèÁ¤ÇÒÁàÃçÇ㹡ÒáêÍ»»Õé/ÂéÒÂä¿Åì By: maining53 Date: áҤ 22, 2013, 07:28:03 PM
ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro

ExtremeCopy is a Windows file copy tool which is able to copy and/or move your files extremely fast. The usage is simple and similar to Windows Explorer default file copier but it can increase the speed from 20% up to 120% faster than Windows default file copier. ExtremeCopy can integrate itself into your Windows seamlessly as copy tool.
What's benefit can I get from ExtremeCopy ?
• Copy file and folder as usual and high efficiency and more powerful. Good for your backup file routine.
• Save much time when you backup files to another hard drive or USB drive or computer.
• Manage your copy file task easily.
Professional Edition
Not only all of copy file features in standard edition you can use but also following useful features can benefit if you have professional edition :
• Including All of Features in Standard Edition.All of features of Standard Edition will also works in this edition.
• Failed File Recovery. It can recored failed file in list for recovery after copy finished so that no need to cancel the entire copy task once error encounter.
• Copy to Multiple destination in one task with fastest way. You can specify multiple destinations in once copy task with the same source in stead of copy them  one by one so that to accomplish copy file task by minimum time .
• Copy Task File . Supporting 'Copy File Task' feature which can let you customize copy task easily and powerful.
• More Options For Copying Be Supported. such as 'same file name','error'  options only support in Profession Edition.
• Obtain More Support Service. You can obtain more service if you as professional edition customer, such as problem consulting.
Changes in 2.3.4 :
• Fixed command line bug.
• Fixed 'Same File' condition bug.
Download-ExtremeCopy Pro | x86
Download-ExtremeCopy Pro | x64

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