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MicrosoftWindowsMaliciousSoftwareRemovalToolv5.4à¤Ã×èͧÁ×͡ӨѴäÇÃÑÊ¿ÃÕ¨Ò¡äÁâ¤Ã«Í¿·ì By: maining53 Date: ѹ¹ 15, 2013, 05:55:45 PM
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.4 à¤Ã×èͧÁ×͡ӨѴäÇÃÑÊ¿ÃÕ¨Ò¡äÁâ¤Ã«Í¿·ì

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.4 Free download |
Malware (viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, dialers, bots, keyloggers, rootkits) Removal Tool-The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is an anti-malware utility that checks computers for infection by specific, prevalent malicious software (including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom) and helps to remove malware and any other infections found.
When the detection and malware removal process is complete, the tool displays a report describing the outcome, including which, if any, malware was detected and removed.
Because computers can appear to function normally when infected, it's a good idea to run this tool regularly even if your computer seems to be fine.
Portable, no installation required.
Languages: English, Deutsch, Espa?ol, Italiano, Portugu?s, Fran?ais, HuhHuh?, ...
Download-Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.4

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