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EagleGet â»Ãá¡ÃÁàÃ觤ÇÒÁàÃçÇ¡ÒôÒǹìâËÅ´ By: maining53 Date: ѹ¹ 15, 2013, 05:56:50 PM
EagleGet â»Ãá¡ÃÁàÃ觤ÇÒÁàÃçÇ¡ÒôÒǹìâËÅ´

EagleGet Full Free Download
EagleGet Full Free Download | 4.9 MB
EagleGet Full Free Download - EagleGet is a free universal download accelerator. EagleGet not only downloads video from popular online video websites, but also support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol. It accelerates downloads by up to 6 times, resume broken download. EagleGet allows to download video from any website. Specially optimized for YouTube 1080p, 720p HD and HTML5 videos.
Comparing to the integrated downloader in your web browser, the dedicated downloader does not limit the amount of simultaneous tasks, and uses multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them simultaneously, thus increase download speed scientifically. No matter download MP3 or application, EagleGet would take full advantage of your high speed network. EagleGet is a good and free YouTube downloader and a fantastic alternative to browser integrated downloaders.
EagleGet can be integrated into Chrome, IE and Firefox. Simply click on the download link in a browser (or choose “Download with EagleGet” in the right-click context menu), and then EagleGet will automatically take over the whole download process.
With EagleGet’s clean and tidy interface, you can add and manage download tasks easily. The navigation panel on the left allows you to easily filter out the needed files. For error tasks in the download queue, you can hover your mouse over the “i” icon to get detailed information. Additionally, you can find commonly used function from right-click context menu.

• Increase Download Speed Greatly. EagleGet uses advanced multi-threaded technology to accelerate downloads by splitting files into several parts and then transferring them simultaneously, thus increase download speed by up to 6 times!
• Resume Broken Downloads Easily. System crash, connection lost, power outage… No matter what reason interrupted download process, you can always resume broken downloads with a single click. Our advanced multi-threaded technology saves your time, nerves and money.
• Support All Popular Browsers. EagleGet supports all popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox and IE. No matter which browser you are using, you can always enjoy the maximum download speed without boundaries.
• Download Audio and HD Videos from ANY Websites. EagleGet automatically detects media contents on ANY website. Including, but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Google Video and adult websites. You can download HD videos playing in Chrome, Firefox or IE.
• Specially Optimized for YouTube HD. EagleGet can download both common and HTML5 videos from YouTube, grabbing high quality 1080p and 720p HD videos when available. EagleGet provides premium experience that faster and smarter than other similar products.
• Convert Web Videos to MP3 (Coming Soon…). EagleGet can not only download HD web videos, but also acts as an Audio Converter. You can convert downloaded YouTube and other online music video into MP3, making ringtones for iPhone and other mobile phones with single clicks.
• Automatic Antivirus Scanning. EagleGet can automatically run an anti-Virus product to perform scan on download completion, like Avira AntiVir, AdAware, Avast, Spybot, AVG Anti-Virus, McAfee, SpywareBlaster, and others to protect you from virus, malware or spyware attacking.
• Freeware Offers Smoothest Experience Ever. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, EagleGet’s well-designed interface and task manager will help you do more with doing less, maximize your productivity. Unlike many popular YouTube downloader and YouTube converters, EagleGet is completely free.
EagleGet supports Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish… and more. It is absolutely free, designed without any feature or time limitations. No spyware or malware!
Changes in EagleGet
1. Improved Skin functions.
2. Fixed some bugs.
3. Fixed a serious bug about Eagleget automatic upgrade.

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