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SmartDefrag v3 Beta 1.0 â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¨Ñ´àÃÕ§¢éÍÁÙÅ Disk Defragmenter à¤Ã×èͧàÃçÇ¢Öé¹ By: maining53 Date: ѹҤ 02, 2013, 09:00:07 PM
SmartDefrag v3 Beta 1.0  â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¨Ñ´àÃÕ§¢éÍÁÙÅ Disk Defragmenter à¤Ã×èͧàÃçÇ¢Öé¹

IObit SmartDefrag helps defrag your hard drive most efficiently. The latest stable version can be found here.
Smart Defrag 3 is a FREE disk defrag tool designed for maximum hard drive performance. It not only provides defragmentation, like any typical disk defragmenter can do, but also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency, thus accelerating disk speed and the whole system for top performance! Smart Defrag 3 works fast, automatically and quietly in the background and is a disk defragmenter suitable for large hard drives.
Change Info:
+ New Disk Defrag Engine - With the new disk defrag engine, the defragmentation is 100% secure and the disk optimization ability is much more powerful.
+ New Intelligent Prioritize Files Function - Prioritizes files intelligently and defragments fragments drastically.
+ Supports Win 8/ 8.1 Metro Apps Defrag - Fully supports the defragmentation of Windows 8/8.1 Metro Apps for faster access and smoother running experience.
+ New metro style UI - Brand new metro UI delights your eyes.
+ Enhanced logs - Automatically save logs for Defrag and Analyze .
+ Fully supports Windows 8/8.1.

Download-SmartDefrag v3 Beta 1.0

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