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UVK Ultra Virus Killer Portable â»Ãá¡ÃÁªèÇÂãËé¼Ùéãªé 㹡ÒõÃǨÊͺ áÅÐź By: maining53 Date: չҤ 17, 2014, 07:37:29 PM
UVK Ultra Virus Killer Portable â»Ãá¡ÃÁªèÇÂãËé¼Ùéãªé 㹡ÒõÃǨÊͺ áÅÐź ·Ø¡»ÃÐàÀ·¢Í§ ÁÑÅáÇÃì áÅÐÊ»ÒÂáÇÃì ¨Ò¡Ãкº

This is the portable version of UVK Ultra Virus Killer. UVK allows users to detect and delete all types of malware and spyware from infected systems.
Process manager:
Filter all the running processes by their executable path.
Select and manage several processes at once.
Kill processes.
Kill several processes with the same path at once.
Kill processes and delete the parent files simultaneously.
Kill all the listed processes.
Kill all the listed processes except the system processes.
Kill all non trusted processes.
Pause and resume processes.
Verify the processes files signatures.
Search information about a process over the internet.
Submit one or more processes MD5 to VirusTotal using the VT API.
Open the processes files locations.
View the processes executable files properties.
Startup entries and scheduled tasks:
Delete startup entries, scheduled tasks and corresponding files simultaneously.
Select and manage several entries at once.
Verify the startup entries files signatures.
Hide Microsoft signed files from the list.
Search information about a startup entry file over the internet.
Submit one or more startup entries files MD5 to VirusTotal using the VT API.
Jump to the registry key where the startup entry is located.
Open the startup entries files locations.
View the startup entries files properties.
Maximizable window in this section for a more comfortable view.
Windows services and drivers:
Delete services or drivers, and the corresponding files simultaneously.
Perform all common service management tasks: Stop, start, pause, resume services, and set their startup type.
Select and manage several services or drivers at once.
Stop all non Microsoft services.
Choose the services and drivers to be displayed: Show all services and drivers. Hide inactive services and drivers, Hide Microsoft services and drivers, Hide inactive and Microsoft services and drivers.
Verify the services/drivers files signatures.
Search information about a service/driver file over the internet.
Submit one or more services/drivers files MD5 to VirusTotal using the VT API.
Jump to the registry key where the service/driver is located.
Open the service/driver file location.
View the service file properties.
Maximizable window in this section for a more comfortable view.
Delete or replace file or folder:
Delete files and folders even if they're being used by applications.
Delete running executable files.
Delete files and folders you can't normally delete using the Windows explorer.
Choose to whether delete the files definitely or move them to the recycle bin.
Replace or copy files.
Expand compressed files.
Replace files even if they are loaded in the memory.
Scan & create log:
Perform a full analysis of your system and save it to a text file that you can send to a friend or professional, post in a forum, or analyze it yourself.
Choose the areas you want to scan and show in the log.
Choose whether to show Microsoft signed files in the log.
Choose where to save the log.
Choose whether to verify the scanned files digital signatures.
Search for recently created files, and write them to the log.
Perform other custom scans, live retrieving specific information on files, folders, registry entries, or automatically get the VirusTotal analysis result for a file.
Run UVK Scripts:
Disinfect your computer by pasting lines from the UVK log to delete corresponding registry entries and files.
Use custom commands to download files, execute programs, delete or add registry entries, terminate processes, delete files and folders, run cmd batch scripts, register system files or run the UVK Fixes.
Create system restore points, empty the recycle bin and all users temporary folders.
Create and run scripts that perform complete system repair and maintenance.
Automatically run any of the UVK fixes or scans.
UVK tools:
Retrieve al sorts of information on any file.
Generate VirusTotal MD5 reports, deny or grant access or perform an sfc scan for any file.
Search information on files and registry entries over the internet.
Grant access or prevent changes to registry keys.
Enumerate all the restore points.
Select and delete one or several restore points.
Create system restore points.
Enable or disable the system restore.
UVK System repair:
Fix your computer with more than fifty exclusive fixes: Fix file extensions, register system dlls, enable and repair Windows update, clear dns cache and the hosts file, reset user default registry settings, fix installation problems, empty all browsers cache, reset security settings, defragment and optimize the hard drives, install Java, Flash, DirectX, .Net Framework, Fix the WMI and the system restore, delete all restore points, fix the windows shell, reset the user shell folders and much more.
System Info:
Show information that can be very useful specially if you're going to reinstall windows or if you need to diagnose a performance or hardware problem. This includes the processor, memory and page file usage, OS and office product keys, and hardware and users info.
Export this info to a comprehensive html file.
UVK immunization:
Prevent the most vulnerable registry and file system areas from being infected.
Prevent adding programs to the windows startup and logon.
Prevent creating/deleting browser helper objects, Internet explorer toolbars and search providers.
Prevent modifying the internet settings and the Internet explorer startup pages.
Backup and restore the Windows registry.
Change Info:
General internal debugging.
Improved the file drag and drop feature. Now you can drag and drop files to the multiline text boxes several times without the need to click the text box. Drag and drop was already available in previous versions, but users needed to click the text box after dropping a file, to clear the selection. Now the selection is automatically cleared. Hopefully this will increase productivity when cleaning up the Application data folders.
The multiline text boxes that support drag and drop are the ones in the following sections: Delete files and folders, Scan and create log, Run scripts and the Log analyzer.
Fixed bug: The application can crash when scanning Invalid OpenWith entries in the System booster section.
Fixed bug: Flash may stop working properly after running the Install/Update flash on Windows 8/8.1. Users that had this issue should run the Install/Update flash fix again to repair the flash player.
Improved the Install Desktop gadgets on Win 8 app. It wasn't working properly because of some bugs in the 8GadgetPack.
Improved the Fix Windows sidebar fix. Now it only deletes the third party installed gadgets if the user tells UVK to delete the current settings.
Improved the way UVK monitors the third party builtin scans, in the System repair section. Now a Stop monitoring button is available, allowing the user to stop monitoring the third party process and step right to the next fix/app. This can be useful when the third party applications want to forcely reboot the computer before running all the selected fixes/apps.
Updated the adwCleaner automation for the latest version of the tool.
Updated the .NET Framework cleanup tool with the latest version.
Improved the Reset group policies fix. Now it also fixes the issue when non-admin users can not login because the Group Policy Client service could not be started.
UVK Ultra Virus Killer Portable
UVK Ultra Virus Killer

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