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LXiMedia Center 0.3.6 â»Ãá¡ÃÁÊÒÁÒöãªé㹡ÒÃàÅè¹ä¿ÅìÁÕà´Õ ¨Ò¡à¤Ã×èͧ¤ÍÁ¾ÔÇàµÍÃì By: maining53 Date: ¹ 20, 2014, 05:11:43 PM
LXiMedia Center 0.3.6 â»Ãá¡ÃÁÊÒÁÒöãªé㹡ÒÃàÅè¹ä¿ÅìÁÕà´Õ ¨Ò¡à¤Ã×èͧ¤ÍÁ¾ÔÇàµÍÃì

LXiMediaCenter can be used to play media files from a PC over a local network on a DLNA capable device (e.g. television, game console, media center). LXiMediaCenter aims at compatibility with a large range of devices by transcoding all media to a standard MPEG2 stream that can be played on almost any DLNA capable device, also subtitles and audio language selection are supported. Furthermore, several common timing and synchronization errors in media files are fixed on the fly while transcoding.
DVD and High Definition resolutions (720p and 1080p).
Stereo and multi-channel (5.1 surround) audio.
DVD title playback.
High quality subtitle overlay, support for embedded subtitles and SRT subtitle files.
Selection of an audio stream and/or subtitle overlay from the DLNA device.
Support for IMDb movie titles and descriptions.
Support for Linux, Windows, and MacOS X operating systems.
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LXiMedia Center 0.3.6

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