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n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3278 â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¡Òúѹ·Ö¡àÊÕ§㹡ÒÃÊÃéÒ§«Õ´Õ By: maining53 Date: ѹҤ 13, 2014, 09:38:15 PM
n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3278  â»Ãá¡ÃÁ¡Òúѹ·Ö¡àÊÕ§㹡ÒÃÊÃéÒ§«Õ´Õ

n-Track Studio is an audio & MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your computer into a full-fledged recording studio. Records

and plays back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks and many more features.
n-Track Studio supports simultaneous recording from multiple 16 and 24 bit soundcards, and real-time audio effects can be

applied non-destructively to each track, allowing the user to listen immediately to the result of a change in the parameters of

an effect: up to 25 combinations of effects per track are allowed. n-Track Studio is a multitrack recording and editing

Built-in effects include Reverb, AutoVol, Echo, Pitch Shift, Chorus and Track EQ. The program can use third party DirectX and

VST plug-ins to process in real-time audio signals in a number of different ways.
Effect can also be used to process the recorded signal in real-time so that the computer can act as a multi-effects device.
n-Track Studio uses 24 bit (32 bit floats) resolution for mixing and effects processing. Various wave files formats are

supported, mono & stereo tracks are can coexist in the same song and wave editing operations can be performed from within the

MIDI tracks can be imported end exported to regular MIDI files, and edited using the built in piano-roll based MIDI editing.
All the audio tracks are saved as standard wave files and mixed "on the fly" during playback. Volume and pan evolution can be

programmed by drawing on the timeline window.
When all the tracks have been recorded and all the settings are correct, it's possible to mix-down all the tracks to a single

wave file for recording it to a compact disk using a CD recorder or for distributing it through the Internet (using the built-

in mp3 encoder).
Records and plays back a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
DirectX, VST and ReWire effects can be added to each channel/track
Built-in effects include Reverb, Compression, Parametric & Graphic EQ, Echo, Auto-volume, Pitch Shift, Chorus, Multiband

Compression, Spectrum analyzer
Supports 16 and 24 bit single and multichannel soundcards at sampling frequencies up to 192 Khz using Asio, WDM, MME and

Is compatible with multichannel Asio, WDM and MME audio drivers, which means that n-Track can work with almost any soundcard

available today with the lowest possible latency
Supports VST Instruments and DirectX Instruments synth plug-ins: sample-accurate MIDI tracks can be sent to VSTi/DXi software

MIDI synths, without the need of expensive hardware MIDI synths
Supports surround mixing for creating DVD audio projects
Download-n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3278


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